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Hello ! Welcome to our very own Wikipedia Thang.

-- this entire section , and I mean this entire page will soon be edited down to be shorter and easier to follow. and with added navigation to various sections in a short list on the side.. --

documentation is not easy. :) please stand by and watch this space occasionally.

**This will be an evolving and useful space with guides that have screen-shots and step by step lists of how to do stuff around here. In case you ever forget, or didn't know how to in the first place, but were too shy to ask! ☺️.

and yes, not all the features are documented yet ! this will come in time. I'm only one dude! If anyone wants to help write documentation, please approach me privately - and we may discuss. :-)

For now though, read on !


The main reason for this site is to re-harmonize humanity. It took a cave, and a village and millions of "years," of spiral time to get us here, and about 200 or so to totally convolute everything into a huge mess. Let's fix that together. This is why you're here, staring at this site, and why I've spent literally the last 20 years of my life more or less every waking moment analyzing, reading, thinking, taking breaks for my subconscious to process, and re-visiting things over and over and over and reading relentlessly, and talking with people from all walks of life to gather their stories and data about our collective human experience, and then some..

And it's all coming together in this project.. Great things will come of this, but you have to help me breathe life into it by getting directly involved and creating along with me. I cannot do this alone.

Read on.

Welcome to

In the following pages we will describe what the site does, but more importantly why this site is here in the first place, and what we are working to illustrate and achieve in this world, and working to inspire you to see inside yourself.

new undocumented features

- exchange :

for selling or trading wares / goods / services, or paying for a class you can take in a group !

- events :

like it sounds, event listings, but much cooler than the usual stuff. to make a new event click your avatar and then the + add and pick event.

the site has high security features, like CSRF (Cross Site Forgery Request) resistance, and uses SHA384 256bit TLS v1.3 Encryption for negotiating every single request on the site, and additionally the chat runs inside an encrypted module as well.

I literally am the only engineer working on implementing this site, besides the core developers who wrote the code base. :) all good things in time.

updated may 27, 2020 //v1.2

about credits:

this block will change its wording and its positioning:

this document is actively being edited:

This page will be explained simply later, right now it's an active work in progress integrating this credits system.  The end goal is that you will be able to buy credits here and then redeem them for products and services in the market place, (on site).

Things like reiki services, consulting services, breathwork services, sound healing, high resolution fractals, yard trimming work, babysitting, or even a class someone wants to teach!

For teachers and students, a class will be offered for sale in the market place, and then after you purchase it, the teacher will invite you to a closed group here on the site for their class.  (think of it as a classroom.)  

Each "classroom" has discussion in the built in group chat, video conferencing ability (launchable from the group chat), posting video of lectures if that's preferred, sharing of links and documents, and photos, and or related course materials like assigned reading and other documents appropriate to the curriculum / class offering.

This feature is currently in development

[ integration stage ] .

It will be available and fully live soon.

Credits will also be available to purchase an upgraded membership to the site, which means you understand the greater plan here and what we are doing, and wish to support the monthly costs of running this place, by helping to pay for the server with your membership.  This will get you a special verified badge that you are a contributing member (visible to everyone that views your profile), and a special membership level badge on your profile as well that replaces "standard." with "oarsman."  Because oarsmen are responsible for rowing the boat as an integral part of the crew that makes the boat move by rowing.   If you are an oarsman contributor, you are helping support this vision each month, and truly believe in the power of this site.  You may of course, invite as many friends as you'd like to see here at any time, as well.

More details to follow.  This will of course all be documented in the site wiki, (wiki here is like instruction manual), but right now this document lives only on this page if you are browsing around and happen to wonder, whats this business with the firewood?  

the firewood is like a metaphor, you have to collect strip and carry wood to put into the fire to keep something going, in this case this website.  

as we live in a transitionary system right now to some sort of hybrid, possibly for many years, we should give our money to things that are trying to change the world for the better in ways that will benefit all, and realize that money in itself, is just a piece of paper, but in this case, this website is still powered by pieces of paper, but you get what i'm saying.  in order to change something we have to put energy into that, and maybe someday things will change so much this website wont cost anything to run at all !  

time will tell.

About This Website:

Welcome !

Welcome to - - build relationships, build real community.

This document will later be revised for making it actually brief. Yes, I am very aware that it is at this printing rather long and a bit complex. But such is the nature of first through ninth drafts of technical documentation, and this will continue to get less complicated and will improve steadily as I continue to edit and refine. The present length of this document is accidental.

Okay what am I looking at? You mean you want me to read this? No, I want you to skim this. and come back to it later as a reference if you want to read about a particular section. Eventually there will be howto's with photos for things like making a video post, or how to change your notification settings.

  • This document is a crash course (verbal style) outline (in a very compact, dense format) on how the site works and what each section is capable of doing, and will later be broken down into different guides, with a table of contents on the left, by section of the site, and then an additional index detailing how to do things like change your notifications, or go back and edit a post. The guides will follow step by step, what to do and how to do it, in a clear and easy to follow way.

As far as this present document here goes (the outline you are looking at), depending on how fast you read, this may or may not take you about ten minutes to follow through with, give or take a few moments.

It will, however, probably save you hours of headache and make your time spent on this site a LOT more fun, and much more productive until you memorize where all the bells and whistles are located by having just used them or ran into them, gotten curious, and clicked on stuff..

I promise, this is worth reading. This does not work the same way facebook does, and has better features, and a fully intuitive and different layout. Everything is designed to be easy to find, and follows a logical order. Read on.

Some Notes -

In order to use the site properly, leave comments, and post your content, and browse content others posted as friends only, or access your private groups, etc.. You should be seeing the notification bell, a magnifying glass, your avatar and two chat bubbles in the upper right corner. If you're not seeing this, plain and simple you are not actually logged in.

  • If you are logged in, you wil see a magnifying glass on the left of the top navigation bar as well. It will appear directly to the right of the "home" button which has the icon of the house and the word "Home." You will also find a magnifying glass to the right of the notification bell in-between the notifcation bell and your avatar as just mentioned.

  • I have coded 99% of the site to display a "Notice: If you are seeing this, please log in." Message. If you are seeing this, click the word log and log back in, then reload the page.

  • Just to repeat since it's important - If you do not see the magnifying glasses after refreshing the page or clicking home or a certain section of the site, you are NOT logged in. If you are seeing the form on the white background that reads "Notice: If you are seeing this please log in." You need to click the word log to bring up the log in form again and continue to use the site, nothing will work until you log back in, the site has been hidden from view to people that do not have an account, for the benefit of your privacy.

  • Also, from anywhere on the site, you may click your avatar and access important site settings like "profile", "my popularity," and "settings." Which, by the way is where you adjust your notifications for email and what kinds of events you get notifications for. Or you can turn them all off !

  • You log in initially by clicking "Log In" under the three horizontal signup boxes, labelled "account name" "email" and "password." Then reload the page.

Later, please note that once you have signed up you have to click the words "Log In," because the three horizontal boxes are only for signing up as a brand new participant of the site.

  • Also very important to let you know that if you need another profile, or want to start an organization page, you can click your avatar, then "create new profile" will appear at the bottom. You don't need to sign up for a new account with a different email address to have a different persona or profile, or start your orgs page, for your business or non profit organization. You just "create new profile."

  • This makes it easier for you to log in, because there will be a profile switcher built into the bottom when you have clicked your avatar, for quick access to a different profile. When you switch profiles, it's easiest to refresh the entire browser page, and be aware that your old icon may appear to show up in certain places, but you really have switched profiles.

  • I'm looking into a way to make sure that the switcher works perfectly but it's getting there and is just a little bit fiddly at the moment. If you're seeing old data from the user you just switched from, reload the page. You may have to do this for each section you're posting under, but it's an issue with the caching settings that make this site run fast, they are still being optimized to work around this issue.

You can safely ignore this, you did actually switch your profile, but I haven't figured out how to force a re-load of the entire site yet when you change profiles in regards to the site-wide caching settings, so if it bothers you to see older elements of the site after switching, clear your browser cache but not your cookies, or just keep reloading pages so you are assured for now that you are posting as the user you intend to be posting as.

  • Just remember you dont need multiple emails and accounts, just one master account and your other profiles live along with it, in the switcher.

If you're trying to convert a friend and they're confused about the signup page, you can copy and paste them this text and this link if you think it will help:

-------new participants must sign up here------------

For New Users - Help your friend, paste them this section:

  • New Users - You won't be able to read this document without an account, so if you are reading this document, it's because your friend pasted this section or the whole document to you in trying to help you with signing up for your account. For right now, this is probably the only section you need to read, and if you need to find this document later for reference on the mytribes.neet website once you are logged in, you may click "wiki" in the horizontal navigation on the top of the site and pull up this document.

  • If you don't have an account yet, click the grey button in the center with the words "Click Here to Sign up or Log In," and after filling out the three fields, "account name," "email," and "password," click join, and then go check your email to confirm the account.

  • YOU NEED TO CLICK THE CONFIRMATION LINK to actually unlock and enjoy the full site once your profile is filled out completely. Otherwise a LOT of the site will simply not work...At all, and not actually even show up for you until you confirm your account and refresh the entire webpage once.

  • New Users - Part II - Please fill out your profile... Upload an avatar, and a cover photo. Fill out a sentence or two in the about section. You can write more, but please put something fun that makes you smile, after all you're awesome! and it's okay to let other people know that too. You won't be able to navigate around until you have completed your profile.

I know you're not used to actually being allowed to have a bio, because facebook doesn't let you really put more than a text message's worth there, but this website is different. We're trying to get to know one another here and form real relationships with other people. That whole quality over quantity thing.

By the way, all your posts are displayed to the people you follow. There is no algorithm here censoring or burying certain things you post, or only showing some of your followers and friends your posts. If you follow someone, you will see literally every single thing they post.

  • Keep that in mind and don't post meaningless things just to "stirr the pot" and or "see who's here." Pretend you are collaboratively writing a very important book with the other participants of the site. Because that's really what we're doing. Social Media has a cheapened image because of how much is said and how much junk there is and people get overwhelmed by that.

  • This site is about quality over quantity. Don't just post a stupid meme because you wanted to assert your presence and didn't put forth the effort to have something to say, even if it's just hi! hope everyone is doing well, what is new with you? Here we are building a community. Make your time count, and don't waste everyone elses time either by the same token. Pointless posts have to be scrolled by, and that's not a good use of someones time if your post doesn't add value.

  • Socially online here in this site, you can think of it as a lounge or whatever makes you happiest, but also locally, and also globally - This is a correct use of the internet as a tool, and benefits everyone as we all learn and grow together.

  • So personalize your page bio, tell us what you feel makes you unique, or what you bring to the table to share with others, and whatever else you feel like putting in there! That info is the first thing someone is going to see when they fire up your profile. :-) Have fun with it !

Main Navigation:

Site Logo || Home || Search || People || Groups || Albums || Discuss || Posts || Orgs || Photo || Wiki || Video || Notifications Bell || Search || Your Avatar/Menu || Mytribes Messenger and My Group Chats.

My Group Chats and Mytribes Messenger are where you can talk with anyone on the site, or one of your friends, and the messenger will also show you the chats that show up in each group you are a member of. Each group has its own group chat, and they all show up when you click those two conversation bubbles.

After you Login -

You can make posts right there at the top once you've logged in, by clicking or tapping in that box that asks you "Hey So and So, What's happening?" Pick the post type you want to make by clicking a word to the right of "Add New..." The post editor magically folds out for that type of post.

Or you can click your avatar, and then click the + "Add" in the menu that shows up.

Some Brief Notes about different post types -

  • Each post type has different options. Fill them all out if they have a red asterisk by them, they're required to make the post. Then tap submit.
  • Sometimes you may have to hit submit twice, if you're using a touch screen device like a phone iPad or tablet.

Main Site Buttons:

Top Horizontal Navigation Bar -


This little golden logo takes you to the "home" page with the feed on it, and "Hey, What's Happening" at the top, and is kinda like a teleporter button. It's always there to take you back home when you need to see the feed again or write a post. You hardly need to refresh the whole page here, usually just click that magic icon.


Find things posted on the site. Works real well, try it. You have to be logged in for this to find everything you're looking for or to even see it. Unlike facebook's search engine, this actually finds everything you are typing in if it exists here at all.


Who's newly joined the site, in order from newest to oldest, who is online, who has an active profile on the site, who has viewed you, who is currently following you, and who has become your friend, all in their own seperate sections, nicely separated but all on one page, from newest to oldest. Click the square buttons at the bottom left to see older entries in these section.

Actually if you see those square left and right arrow buttons anywhere on the site, you can click them to load more content of that type where these two buttons appear. It means there are more posts or information there to see, click it once and watch the info change to the older posts auto-magically.

The people tab is a fun way to browse everybody on the site, and look for new people to be friends with.


This is just like it sounds.. You can join groups and participate in them, but it's better than facebook groups. Each group has its own timeline feed, albums, photos, discussions, posts, video upload, chat room, and more goodies, all neatly packaged into each group.

You can also send a post directly to a group or org from the main "What's happening So and So" post editor on the homepage by choosing the group in the "Visibility" field. Enjoy, groups here are super rad.


This is for making an album of a lot of one type of photo. It's mostly for keeping everything in one place, and especially useful if your photos do not fit into a specific category in the photos section.


Exactly how it sounds. Ask a question or make a rant and rave, or seek advice, and or pose a question, and then everyone who sees your discussion topic will have the chance to reply and all replies gets attached directly to your discussion post, and you can choose the type of comment threading you want. Flat, Nested, Newest to Oldest, or Oldest to Newest.. No having to hunt around for the question later with the search engine, it all stays in one tidy easy to find place.


This is for the blogger, or writer of long articles, that likes to make everything beautiful, and easy to read with a proper full suite of text formatting tools built right into the post editor.

Try it, it's beautiful. Please be aware, if you want your post to look as good as possible on the site, you will need to upload a "header image" for the post.

  • The header image appears at the top of your post, and fills in what otherwise would be a horrible looking white space with small tiny words in it from the text content of your post. If you upload a header image, then your post will have a beautiful photo of your choice, and a link in big letters with the first few words of your post title instead, and look really snazzy.


This is for organizations, like.. Groups of people that do a specific thing, and or offer that thing to others...Or a business, or if you are literally an expert on something, and offer some sort of service to others in this particular area, this is a spot for you.

  • Make a nest. Build your brand, or build what you would like to there. It's really quite lovely. All the features of a group, minus the chat room, and a full timeline just for you and your followers and friends of the organization inside the org.

  • There are also many privacy settings, it's recommended to have people only friend your org and not join it, unless they are actually a part of your operation. If they are customers, they should friend the org, and not join the org.

  • If the org is more of a collaborative thing, among several people or a small group, like an ideological thing, consider having everyone join the org that is directly involved. Orgs is FANTASTIC for NPO's.

  • To make a new organization, you must** be logged in.

  • Click your avatar in upper right at top of homepage.

  • You will see some settings.

  • This is also where you adjust notification settings, and stuff.

  • Look down a bit for a button called "Create New Profile." Click it.

  • Choose "org" and fill out the information for your org..


This section is super cool, and shows photos much larger than the "albums" section by default, although the albums section does do full screen, photos section just shows them real big but not full screen. You can zoom on either photos or albums though, but albums shines for fullscreen.

  • When posting photos, Please for the love of all things holy, pick a category.

  • A fundamental part of this section is that you need to pick a category to help people browsing photos to actually FIND your photos by category.

  • I made the categories fun, and if you see one you need and it isn't there, please contact and tell me about the category you'd like to have added. If it's a good idea, I'll add it.

  • Categories are assigned at the time you post the photos. Save yourself the headache of trying to edit each photo and add the category to it later by doing that the first time.. When you are making your upload post...

  • You can upload more than one photo at a time, but they will all go to the same category.

  • Afterwards, people will be able to leave a comment on the photo, and it will be added to the "Photos" tab, which shows the latest photos, and highly rated photos will appear in the photos carousel, which you can drag through and cycle back and forth, or click an image to see that one larger.


This is going to be full of "how to" documents, on how to use the site, and will have photos. You're looking at it right now. If that hadn't hit yet, you are in the wiki section right this very moment.. Wikki'ing the Wikki Wikki Wikki, or something.

Bring fruit and dance music, it'll be more fun they said. This wiki may later do other things as well, like show you some links of projects that I am also doing, or become associated in a really imporant way with mytribes over time.

  • Please note I will never sell, and it will never have a board of directors in the traditional way most people run companies if and when they get big.

  • I will always retain 100% control of this site, although I will have a team at some point and we all will have creative input, the only way to ensure the ultimate integrity and mission of the project, is to be fully responsible for its' long range vision myself.

  • Also, it will never be traded as a public or private stock type company. Ever.


This is no ordinary site chat, it also supports video and voice conferencing and file uploads between friends and groups of people who aren't even friends yet!

  • (use the video button once you are in a new conversation with your friend or group.)

  • It also supports file transfer as mentioned above, and photo sharing, and brief video message sharing, with a conversation, if your computer or mobile device supports it. If the button isn't there, your device doesn't support it.

Please Note: I'm currently tweaking some things on the video conferencing thing, it may or may not work right now if you are using a phone or mobile tablet, it's a bit hit and miss, there are working work-arounds if you run into problems but it will take following a few extra steps, but it will work. But soon those extra steps should become un-necessary.

I Tried to make this document as simple as possible, and as feature packed as possible both.

Build Community, Build Real, Quality Relationships.

  • Enjoy slower paced and meaningful social networking experience.
  • Ad free
  • We do not track or sell your data.
  • We more or less hate google too, and we definitely hate facebook.
  • This site at a later date will have a feature where someone can teach a class via a group, and charge a membership fee.

  • This is how I plan on paying for the site, aside from generous donations from people who understand what I'm doing here, and that this is a huge contribution to how I wish to better the world.

  • A blurb about me: I am a facilitator among many other things, but a bridge between people and have always done this. Mytribes is an extension of this gift, and I hope this website aids you in facilitating a great many positive and lifelong connections that you may utilize to improve not only your life, but the world around you and the lives of others as well.

Invite your friends. Enjoy the site.




  • If all you post are memes that are complaining about "waking people up," or "vaccines are bad," "i hate the government," or "chemtrails everywhere," then you probably shouldn't be on this site.

  • This site is for people who are already well aware of all of that, and moved past it, and have graduated...

  • So to speak, and are trying to make a difference in the world. THROUGH THEIR ACTIONS-


  • If you want to help contribute to keep the server running, send a message at the very bottom of the site, where it says "Contact" or find Omar Amer's profile and reach out to him directly.
  • This site costs a lot of money to operate, and I'm not doing it to be "cool." I put hundreds of dollars a month and hundreds of hours a month of work into this in order to provide a tool to better the world, so that you may make use of it in a constructive and positive manner.
  • If you can help keep it running, please do so. //

"Never sell yourself short in life. Walk with love in your actions and deeds and it will walk with you."

All rights reserved, 2020 and beyond. - - powered by love, dedication, clarity of vision, a clear heart, a clear mind, the Una Platform, and a happily caffeinated loving gent with a very beautiful vision for the future of life on this planet.

-- this document composed on Thu, May 22th, 2020 -- // version 2.4 //