other peepulz meemes

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this album is memes other people made that I find funny.  :)

The Adventureland of Hand Rolled Highly Abstract Memetics

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My memes aren't for everyone.  In fact, I mostly just make them from time to time to amuse myself.  They may or may not be highly controversial, they may be hilarious, they may not make much sense, or they may seem ridiculously crass, but it is just entertainment for the sake of art.  I'm never *trying* to be offensive. I am just re-arranging commonly known or expressed variables prominent to each subject element involved and occasionally may bring forth what some may think, but won't dare say.  If you're offended, keep in mind that literally, that is not my intention, and just go do something else.  :-) Also, I will not explain my jokes, that is really not fun for me.  Just try to enjoy th

A Fractal A Day

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a fractal a day, is a daily exploration of the beauty of mathematics.  It doesn't matter if you understand the paper maths, these things will speak to you all on their own..