James Hawke

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I am a father and a son, I am here to leave the world a better place than what I found it in.

On a mission for Truth and what is good. Come, join me friends.

[aka Mark / Marcus / James]


blog: https://marcusgaillard.com

On Facebook for over 10 years.  Now blocked and restricted on 5 Facebook accounts I have created, for 30 days on a couple and no end date on the others.  Vague reasons are some violation of "community standards".  Hogwash, they don't want us sharing truth. I'm not wasting my time with the arrogant f**kers any more.  Had enough of Facebook. 

Probably will be deactivating or deleting all my accounts and leaving Facebook over the next few weeks.  Happy to have a small corner of mytribes for now.  I'll become more active here in time. I have a personal blog site that I'll use also:  https://marcusgaillard.com