Terms of Service
Terms of Service
This will change later to be slightly more complicated, but it will basically follow the spirit of the following:

"While here, practice the golden rule."

Additionally, you hereby waive all and any rights to legal recourse against the site operator, pre or post meditated, or any legal action against any moderators, or adminstrators of this site, or any agents of this site, herein, with, or without, and pre-dating your calendar date and time of account signup, and post account cancellation, if you are to cancel your account.

We will comply with law enforcement requests for information, if they are valid, and requested. However, again, we come back to the golden rule, just don't be a bad person, and this should never be any issue or even remotely a concern. We would love for nothing more than to *never* have a reason to respond to a law enforcement request.

Leave your crap at facebook, come here to build community and engage your fellow man and woman in a meaningful, constructive and loving way. If you came here to "shitpost," "meme bomb about chemtrails," or any of that sort of thing, please, just stay on facebook, and come back when you're ready to engage constructively in dialogues that are uplifting to your own human evolution, and that of others. That's what this site is really here for.

Thank you and have a nice day.

Basically, again, practice the golden rule. But the short hand legal version of it.

This is a binding legal agreement. (Pretty sure I'm required to say that.)

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