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Our privacy policy:

We do not collect or sell your information to third parties, or even collect it. We do however, set a cookie to ensure your safe browsing and for our website to know who you are when you are using it.

Please read the description below. Every website uses cookies, and we're just being polite by telling you what we do with the one cookie we do use, and when it expires.

We do not collect any information on your browsing habits, short of setting a login cookie, which expires typically within 120 minutes of the time you've closed this site.

What that means to you is that after 120 minutes, you will need to provide your login credentials again, and the cookie does not track your browsing behavior anywhere, it is only downloaded into your browsers cache along with the normal pages you load while browsing, to assure your security while browsing and putting content on this site, and expressly for no other purpose but the aforementioned.

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