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Ramon Borema

[nov 1st 2020:  this is me.  hi,  i run this site, its secure, and nobody else has access to monkey with it.   but thats not the point at all.

i am also the red haired SVG icon dude here with all the posts- that is the administrator account- this is me as a person just starting, and that was me also as a person, but populating a site so you'd have something to look at when you got here, contextually, and hopefully help you see a little of what this place can do for you.  but it can do more, and will only be as cool as you make of it. so yeah  ! 


i dream of the potential that this site can be for humanity.  :)  not to sell ads like facebook but to help people live better lives. 

who the hell am i ?  why did I do this?  what am i trying to do?  ok ---- real simple- i turned my tv off in 1999...  i started living life, reading more, educating myself, talking and LISTENING to others stories, and becoming a student of the world.   20 years later, I may or may not know a damn thing, but I am that guy that always silently shows up to help, when you least expect it, and need it most.


So here we are.  Lets make a community, yeah?   :-)  I'm not going anywhere.


oh and because peoples minds work like that and mine does too, some of my affiliations:


  • burning man }i{  (yes i've been several times, before 2010, and yes EA, i am not a "participant, I am an artist and a humble engineer."
  • san francisco cacophony society
  • TRN-2200
  • i will add the rest after the other 3 things i am currently finishing








[written the other day while very busy]

actually I am Omar, but I am also Doctor beans because I roast cffee.  but this is my profile for using mytribes day to day, the oher profile is my administrator profile- if you need help thats who you contact.  the omar amer one with the red icon.  this one is me just kicking it and enjoying our community and being the village shaman of mytribes.net, aka the squirrel wrangler.  :)  or dinosaur herder, or cat wrangler or whatever you like.  just be nice.