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Here's a very brief crash course in how the site works, and what each section is for. This will take you about 5-10 minutes to read, and save you hours of headache. Promise, this is worth reading. This does not work the same way facebook does, and has better features. Read on.

Note: In order to use the site properly, leave comments, and post your content, and browse content others posted as friends only, or access your private groups, etc - you should be seeing your avatar in the upper right corner, and two chat bubbles, and a bell to the left of your avatar.

If you are not seeing this, reload the page if you have already tried logging in. You log in by clicking the little black icon of a person in the upper right, or by clicking the button that is appearing in grey at the top of the screen, with the words "Click Here to Join or Log In" on it. Right now it's a little hard to see. I'm working on that. After clicking this and filling your password and email out, and clicking remember me, ddds are you are logged in, and then you will see those three items in the top right.

If you don't have an account yet, click that grey button in the center there to sign up, the one that is hard to read agains the blue background at the very top of the page..

Here's what the site does in a nutshell, when you click the three horizontal lines in the upper left most corner of the site, or are browsing around, and or want to make new posts and content and stuff, and are not on the main home page, where at the top you see a box that spans the entire page and reads "Hey so and so, what's happening?" You can make most posts RIGHT there by clicking or tapping in that box where it asks you "what's happening?" If you're on another section of the site, you may need to use the three vertical bar navigation which each section is described in below to get to the appropriate section quickly.

ABOUT: You're looking at it. You are *here.*

SEARCH: Find things posted on the site. Works real well, try it. You have to be logged in for this to find everything you're looking for.

PEOPLE: Who's joined the site, who is online, who has viewed you, who has followed you, and who has become your friend, all in their own sections. You also may browse everyone on the site here, and look at their profiles, or just follow / friend people you think seem cool and wait to see if they interact with you, or friend you back.

GROUPS: This is just like it sounds.. You can join groups and participate in them, but it's better than facebook groups. Each group has its own feed, albums, photos, discussions, posts, and photos section, along with its own chat-room directly on the group page. Enjoy. It's super rad.

ALBUMS: This is for making an album of a lot of one type of photo. It's mostly for keeping everything in one place, and especially useful if your photos do not fit into a specific category in the photos section. If you have a lot of one particular thing, then this is likely where you want to put them. Give the album a name, and fill out the rest of the fields, and click "multiple upload" and put your photos in it. If you prefer more of an instagram style setup, where people can comment on your photos, then use the photos section instead. But really, if you only take photos of volkswagens you repair, you should probably stick to the albums section. Only because this keeps everything tidy for you, everyone else, AND makes you an expert when someone finds your album of cars you have been repairing, and then they can contact you for advice, or pass along your info to a friend. If you actually run a repair service for others, consider making an organization page for your specialty. More on how to do this in the "Orgs" section later in this document you're currently reading.

DISCUSSIONS: Exactly how it sounds. Ask a question or make a rant and rave, or seek advice, and then everyone who sees your discussion topic will have the chance to reply and it gets attached directly to your discussion prompt. No having to hunt around for the post later, it all stays in one tidy easy to find place.

POSTS: This is for the blogger, or writer of long articles, that likes to make everything beautiful, and easy to read with a proper suite of text formatting tools built right into the post editor. Try it, it's beautiful. Please be aware, if you want your post to look as good as possible on the site, you will need to upload a "header image" for the post. This iamge appears filling in the white space that otherwise has a single line of text inside of it, on your post once you have submitted it. If you give the post a header image before you submit, or after by editing, you will get the best results, and people are far more likely to click on your post and read it because it's visually appealing.

ORGS: This is for organizations, like.. Groups of people that do a specific thing, and or offer that thing to others.... OR if you are a one man / one woman act and say, run a nuclear reactor repair shop, this would be your jam as well. I have one for my coffee that I roast, and a few private ones for various things. As an organization profile, you may share the same things groups do, feed updates, posts, discussions, videos, photos, etc, but you don't have a chatroom. People can befriend your organization, or join it. Joining it is intended for people only that are actually a part of it. If they just want to show their support, thats what befriending is for.
To make a new organization, you must be logged in. Click your avatar in the upper right of the homepage way at the very top. Then click "create new profile" and then choose Organization. Fill it all out. You're good to go!

PHOTOS: This section is super cool, and shows photos much larger than the "albums" section. This sorts photos into categories at the time you post them. You can upload more than one photo at a time, but they will all go to the same category. Afterwards, people will be able to leave a comment on the photo, and it will be added to the "Photos" tab, which shows the latest photos, and at the bottom, there is a photo carousel, which displays random images, and you can drag around through it and cycle back and forth and click any of them to see that particular image larger. The photos section will show on each page when you are viewing the image large, who posted it, and a little info about it, with the comments under it.

WIKI: This is going to be full of "how to" documents, on how to use the site, and will have photos. It may do other things, but right now I think it will do that at minimum.

GET CRACKIN! Invite your friends. Ejoy the site. If you want to help contribute to keep the server running, send a message at the very bottom of the site, where it says "Contact" or find Omar Amer's profile and reach out to him directly.