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Omar A
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lest nobody forget:  the un-observed variables "of life" have an affect, just as do that of the observed ones, they are of equal import in any situation or dynamic, or potential one which hasn't been agglomerated yet to 3-d format...  These are just as much a part of the fabric of the situation as the observable phenomena, even if you did not intend for the un-observed forces, gravity, air, di-magnetic waves, or etc -  it's all there-  and they contribute equally to the story, just as much as the kinematic force from your arm throwing the rock into the pond, and all that fun stuff you got distracted on with looking at ripples in the water, and forgetting entirely about the biochemical reactions that were (1) in process already when you arrived, then inside your body to throw the rock, all the permutated possibilities of you imagining or not)( , of the rocks effect, the environments reaction to you imagining this, and so on fractalizing into infinity.  but its all there, we just dont usually observe with that level of filtration on our information as the life unfolds.    We usually keep it simpler, but this is how the brain works, it likes to reduce functions, just like a programmer knows minified code works easier.



since i was a young kid - ive had a saying "its not laziness, its efficiency.  if you dont undestand what im doing just wait for the results."  if you dont like the results, then we can talk