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Just finished watching Lynn + Lucy.  Crazy Film.  Not certain I would attempt it again.   It was however, pretty insane.  Some recently watched films include:


  • lynn lucy
  • killer racoons 2 - christmas in outer space
  • wrong cops (1st screening years ago at release).
  • 2001 a space travesty
  • bad education 2020
  • before sunrise 1995
  • dark city
  • green rush 2020
  • guest artist 2020
  • lake michigan monster 2020
  • last moment of clarity 2020
  • one million years bc
  • open 24 hours
  • solar impact, the destruction of london
  • survive the night
  • the discarded
  • the flesh and the fiendsd
  • the half of it
  • the hustle
  • the other lamb
  • the peanut butter falcon
  • the rental
  • the sasquatch gang
  • the war of the worlds
  • unbound
  • volition
  • what we found
  • wing man
  • zombie ass toilet of the dead
  • lucky grandma
  • elvis from outer space
  • hit and run


and now its time to segue back into foreign cinema, thats quite enough pop culture analysis for the present moment.  :-)  or more aptly, recent moments.

  • Visvadas del Mundo  i waffle between not watching movies at all, to only watching foreign ones, to picking apart modern "culture" analytically in little chunks, and trying to enjoy the contemporary storytelling, marred with problems that need not exist..


    but !  yeah !  im going to put this focus to good use and do some writing..

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