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In Under 100 years we go from W.C. Fields "Man on The Flying Trapeze" to Megan Fox in "Rogue".  Granted Apples are not oranges, however I find arguable little cinema about.   although recently , i did see a spoof film that had me rolling in stitches, it was dumb - but it was also funny. 


"killer raccoons 2 - Christmas story - raccoons from outer space "  or something along those lines.

if the plot synopsis has anything to do with a top secret racoon run military satellite laser guided raygun weapon, that is the correct film.  It is hilarious. 

  • its hilarious. theres no way to put it, great film.  i laughed the entire time.   :-)   the racoon film, that is.   the wc fields number is a slapstick work of genius.

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