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I invented this in 2007...  I knew I would not get credit for it, but it was one of those ideas that you have draw out on paper, lay around in bed with, prototype, etc - , talk to people about and just hope it happens because it happening would be much better than it not happening. 

Well, it happened.  Yay!


Johnnie Walker Maker Creates Plastic-Free Paper-Based Spirits Bottle (theguardian.com) 33

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Guardian: The multinational drinks company Diageo says it has created the world's first paper-based spirits bottle that is 100% plastic-free. The company said it was aiming to launch the bottle early next year with its Johnnie Walker whisky brand in one market before rolling it out worldwide. The bottle is made from sustainably sourced pulp, complies with international food and drink safety standards and is fully recyclable. The contents are protected by a liner, made of resin rather than plastic, which holds the liquid but disintegrates when finished. The cap will be made of aluminum. The report notes that a paper beer bottle was unveiled last year by Danish brewer Carlsberg.
  • I feel bad when someone takes my credit.

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    • And it happened many times in my college with me.

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