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Omar Amer
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^ well, that is interesting and certainly makes sense with that people want and need a simpler internet experience, or one that is OPTIONALLY more configurable for them.   customizable by the user is the key phrase here.   when you go to a website to read an article and understand the privacy stuff going on and the tech end and implications, you really actually do want to turn off those 900 or so companies that will know you read that article, etc, and sell your demographically identifiable info to marketers, etc....  


but... otherwise....  i usually just go look for the article elsewhere on the web if i really wanted to see it, otherwise it is ignored and window gets closed real fast.  so my point in all of this is as such: if you have a website and want to make it simple just dont track your users, and you wont have a lot to deal with.  if thats how you make money well your industry really need pay attention to things like the harvard project VRM, and ummm  okay sorry, this apparently was not a short post but i am also not sorry,  however realize this is not traditionally structured, but if you know me by now you understand i am just built this way.  ha.

so really the bottom line is this, i just want to read an article i dont want greyed out stuff under a stupid popup forcing me to choose something before i can look at the website.   nice idea, poor implementation.