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Ramon Borema
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i keep forgetting this site is here... :)  still, 300 people signed up nobody is using it

what are you waiting for?

is the design that bad? it doesnt matter, but it's a good learning experience.




oh and the chat doesn't work,  :)

hope you are all well.


been busy working on lots of things, and none of them are this.  :) 

but- www.ramo.today is my blog, and if you're friends with me on facebook odds are you already are connected with me there. if not feel free to ask how to find me if you wish.


also- has anyone here used the fediverse? ive beeen on mastodon since april and find it quite neat.




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  • I visited www.ramo.today it's a great blog. 

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    • I'm doing well ☺️. What about you, Big brother?

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      • I am doing well too. sorry it took me a whole month to see this :D

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        • You are also using it much

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