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Omar A
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samsung galaxy s6 template. (im working on a really f****** fun surprise for everyone.)
Tracey Leigh
i found open source software that has iOS and Android apps... more than a few on each platform. as well as web interfaces.. (or you could just go to the site im building), but the gods of the synth-electro-mesh have spoken, and this is now happening.
stay tuned.
care-connect . me (when you want to find other empathetic people)
etc-etc .xyz (where you go to chatter)
and yeah ! good MORNING ! 😃
Today, beam like the sun...
(also, I'm going to need a legal team. who wants to represent two social networks pro bono and be compensated in network and opportunity?) (i know most lawyers dont think this way, but some of you do..) the ones that can see into trends and future cast their actions. 🙂 Who became lawyers to help protect people, not to screw people for fun as some sort of twisted therapy, hey it takes all kinds of people 🙂 lol. we're all still people out there.
but anywho, ^^ accidental tangent ! leaving it.
please today, create a super awesome day for yourself, and be pleasant, patient, and kind. Who knows what "that asshole" was dealing with before you crossed their path.... hey?! gotta keep that in your back pocket, always.
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