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there is a lot i could say about the functional and practical reasons it would be intelligent as a choice for you to create and cultivate a presence here or somewhere independent like here.    a few brief facts about mytribes from me (head engineer and dinosaur wrangler, humble artist, and lover of possibility)

  1. mytribes is hosted in america (not that this should matter).
  2. mytribes is not for sale (ever).
    1. if you fret about migration to this site/ship/platform, click your user picture, scroll down, and look for "get my invite link"  - copy the link, and all your friends that you give that link to --> will be your friend already--- as soon as they join.
    2. yes you can use mytribes for socialization! its encouraged!  we have chat like messenger, and right now i am re-implementing video chat as well.
    3. there are hut pages- specifically for you if you have services to offer-  set yourself up as an authority so people can find your offerings.  :) Add a hut/organization and let people find you, make posts, make ads, USE the market place.  We can even stripe/paypal connect,
    4. when you make a new org profile you do so by clicking your avatar, scroll to the bottom or click 'create new profile", then click hut/org.  (it may still say org) i'll check.
  3. mytribes is designed for human beans to have a FULLY independent platform to publish, grow, share, vend, sell, trade, barter and gain access to other sites in "the realized network"
  4. the realized network is a large scale project to bring back some common sense to the web, make it easy to use, and make it fully sensible, in that you are not inside a psychologically designed slot machine, you're using a tool that just does what you'd want it to, and so forth.
  5. ask me for help if you can't figure it out, and have tried really hard and slept on it, please dont ask me for tech support such as: the site wont load.  that is up to you, the site has been online since april last year, and its predecessor is offline but was started in 2018.
  6.   I have been exploring this space for the past 20 years, and mytribes is my initial contribution to the world community.
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