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 !..   this is   green olive, pimento, red pepper pesto pizza.

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    • i would like to start a business that operates here and in india.   a mobile pizza truck.

      per diem.  or per hour.   with a minimum of either (xyz in materials costs) or a minimum of hours (no less than whatever it takes to make 2x the cost of the days prep if nobody eats. 

      two or three menu items. keep cheese on hand cold daily "fresh cheese daily"  then you just need fire, a good stone, whatever else they do over there for health codes, but here it is overly complicated and fascinating the legal end of this one.

      but then the folks wanting pizza can go to www.cookpizza.net   and then page the truck to their location once payment has been tendered.




      what do you think ?  i love the idea we could call it super-pizza-bros


      which is probably a domain i could finagle if someone kicked me the cash for it, because i have no money past half a twenty and its to keep my account mechanically happy.



      who's hungry?  i could see you really really enjoying this.   you literally could make peoples days by riding or driving around your area and making fresh pizza and serving it with a few toppings of choice, a few slices of cheese, or just 'as is"  


      i mean theres a few ways to make it simple, like

      -as is- its a cheese pizza .  provide some shakes of salt pepper or chiles on the house if they order this.


      --choose your toppings--


      pick as many as you want, if you go apeshit it may cost an extra dollar or three.  


      -- how much cheese-- ?

      a hungry person can choose to modify their slice or slices with additional slices of cheese, 50c each.  or whatever kind of thing is equivalent to adding an extra.   as a comparison, if you order a single slice of pizza it costs you around 5 dollars here or so, and then if you add toppings it could go exxtra, but most places will just pick a few kinds of pies and rotate them daily.   you pick from those if you want toppings .otherwise order whole pizza =)



      what you think?

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