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Goddess Calling
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This piece was written a few weeks back. Thus, possibly the reason for the invite to mytribe. 
Please Enjoy 😉...

Why do you ignore your Goddess?

She sees you completely.
You hate that.
You’ve been taught to make her sleep.
All you hide, swallow, deny, drown, stow away, locked.
She has tolerated, waited, watched for years, all you attempted in your high hopes of lowering the fire 🔥 she will claim...
And ohhh, she will.
Rising she will snatch you up like a viper then look at you so lovingly then toss you into the flame 🔥 watching you just until...
you are flashed with black, then pulling you out, placing your feet upon your own ashes, drawing upon your spine to stand tall, as she lovingly strokes the black from your face telling you...
“It is time”.
“Time to honor all you house my dear...beauty, power, desires housed in those very hips, that heart, your Soul, mind, hands, feet, with a brazen Soul shining from those very eyes of yours!”
“Time to cast out all doubts of who you fucking are!”
She will not wait, no.
Not any longer.
She’s demanding now thus no more excuses, no more, ever.
She stands before you shaking her finger “uh uh uh”...no
“Your Time is here dear”
Your beyond hyper aware of her. All of her.
She makes sure you are.
She’s settled long enough to your allowing safer parts of her to come forth then only to tuck them away again as your confusion creeps in, doubts, refusal, a burial yet again.
Nope not happening, she is very present now and shows up after each lock is locked by your mind upon your devised jails to no exhaustion she reappears.
“Are you tired yet?”. Her laughter mocks you wisely, lovingly, on all your attempts, her laughter says your glass to her.
All are glass to her.
Sees, knows, watches all you do.
You won’t win in denying her, her presence within you.
Her presence is beyond all power here.
I repeat “all power” only thought to be here.
“But she’s dirty minded, dirty worded, she’s too brazen, cusses too much, too brave, too sensual, too demanding, too scary, too proud, too confident, too playful, too truthful!!”
Do you hear her whisper in answer to all your small reasons?
“Ah my dear, they are those are the very things that bubble up that LIVE in your bone marrow that stand your skeleton, talk to uphold your stature, surrounding and protecting your heart to beat to dance her true beats”...
“Darling! oh my darling ...is one not aware of all you’ve been shame taught/trained under the illusion to believe, to silence, to lock up?”
“Must I state all these very things that entrap, silence, drown, harm, and smother your true essence?”
“I do not, as you feel all they do, your wounded, bleeding, your smothered...
and dying”...
“Time is here now my dear...rise up, embrace her proudly with no shame! No apologies of who you are within! A Goddess to walk, run, sashay seductively, dance, live, love, make strong empowering healing tremendous love, heal, eat, enjoy and use her fire 🔥 to express, adorn the body with jewels from the sun, free to touch, free to demand pleasures,
to taste, to feel, to praise, be praised, to honor, receive honor, respected, and yes even to receive worship...
Being these will manifest your God Man, these pure powerful unapologetic energies call him forth to you...
The very one who recognizes, welcomes, honors, protects and worships your Goddess not losing his power in doing so...
Boys heed not.
Man heeds not.
God Man heeds!
God Man honors his, knows his, is his God he claim His Goddess. All your Sister Goddesses are very aware, they see you, they support, grow with you, stand, Love, rejoice you, lift you, honor your, create with you as you are them, they are you”...
“It Is Time!”
“Goddess Rise!”

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