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=== from the book in progress i am currently writing. ===

"key points and a side of corned beef hash: ch1 “super plasma brothers and the infinite snow globe nebula we call earth."




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  • MAmer   8^o)     This       -         Is what we spoke about over the telephone.

    I hope you enjoy it, and do realize that it's quite dis-jointed and a draft of the first chapter, and bits and pieces of the introduction and back cover are woven through.   

    The over-all book is summarized in here, but not the avenues and places the reader will be going, or disciplines they will be looking at with lenses of, or connecting other dots to.


    This should be very interesting, I hope.

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    • You’re writing a book. That’s great news. I’m waiting for that.

      City looks like Egypt country, isn’t it?

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