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so, i love the color green jade, but this necklace isn't quite on a chain long enough for my thick willful neck.  but i love it so, and want to find it a home.  as a fellow artist, seeking to help create an opportunity for a fellow artist have the opportunity to create more happy.  because that is the kind of happy that brings an artists life meaning, joy, purpose, exhilaration , inner  peace , food to eat, a place to sleep- and the ability to leverage the rest intelligently at peace as a tool, instead of viewing it as a both internal and external enemy, because there isn't enough.  yes. money. 

this necklace is 26$.  if you like it, dont think twice.  please consider supporting an artists joyful happy if you love this necklace.  it makes everyone more happy.  and now here is the rest of my post.

i was writing an email and the analogy of how i see life in a very simple way was conveyed, and i really like how i put it, without getting too wordy or stupid.   so here we are:


perseverance wins the not race.
i am at this point thoroughly convinced we are intented to play life as it is always to be fun and good.  even the times we fuck up, its warm and good when we hold our focus long enough to honor the first intention, to have fun and be happy. 

maybe im only partly right, but if i can teach what i do understand about this world that gives ME my power, then perhaps by being a living example only and not acting a messiah , i can transfer enough of an example in my writings and video and interaction that perhaps that is what my personal meaning of life is to be about. 

  also this whole process for me is nothing but fun and warm loving fuzzies.

so i know the whole thing is kind of circular because really it all is. 


i get that we are like an adult larva standing as a dot in the middle of a circle with two eyeballs as points..

-on that triangle in the circle and we are the dot remember?  also, there was something else - i will have to come back when i remember. plus this needs to be edited.  [this is now me seeing this again at 6:19 PST day 292-2020 aka 10/18/2020.  ) 

and other metaphysical and physical appendages, but yeah. we do stuff, whatever, we may cast out, into the world looking seeking,-

modeling, changing things. until we can find them with the rest of our senses..   human being is a weird thing LOL    but like think of our famous drawers and architects past, they all drew a circle a dot and then say a triangle radiating outward, touches in two places on that circle. and has that centre dot.     no im not british but their sppellings are fun.   ok so then u just can draw whatever shapes   but keeping in myind the relationship of a human is two of those dots and a central processing or reference point (the stuff we think feel and so on in the brain and body) is that center dot.

i hope that makes some kind of sense, but the idea is we float through the world like a hamster habbit ball with all that shit contained in the dot.  that fundamentally makes up "a human being" with all the mystical parts people are just now realizing are not falsities.   :)  we bump around and one balls bumps another ball, sometimes a tiny ball is grown and slips out, ha ha ha but yeah like, thats kind of how i see life, and we are all autonomous but totally interactive- when the balls bump or lots of balls bump we have some kind of new outcome.   i may actually just post this as a blog, this is a really neat analogy. 

and yes please ask mytribes questions, i will help you get whatever it is ironed out, and then we will both be happy.  me because you might have found a bug and spoke up for your autonomy, and secondly because i was able to help, and you probably helped make the website better by speaking up.  Because truly, none of us know what we are doing in this life, we are all in the process of becoming, continually, whatever it means, a the entire journey is nebulous, undefined, beautiful, and truly infinite in the combination of things that can occur. 


we call it life.


cheers my friend,


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