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Good Morning. 3 poems, that all go together. The Presentation is Called "The Trinity of Becoming."


Available in three angles of the same thing, neutral, or Polar, and or and and and and or Negative. (your choice.)


+++ oh, ...and then ! ++++++ Here is the link to go download your very own stupid high resolution poster printable sized extravaganza version all in one image below, lol. step right up, it's actually a gift of the heart.


and truly free to float into your life, and be shared if you feel so inspired to brighten someone else's day with it!

Oh, and I have contact with printers! (if you want a copy for your desk), but I just want to give him business, I don't want to make anything on that.


If you want this on your desk, we can work something out that will make us all happy. Meaning, I'll connect us all and we'll get you a copy of it on *really* nice paper, and we can even frame it for you.


100% no strings attached, no expectations attached, no email required, no nothing required . . .


but a click of curious wonder, comes unto you, justly,



a simple little gift of love to you, for when you need to "remember the wonder"      :-)


and remember, keep the coffee hot.


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  • if you are a sucker for cutting right to the chase, here is the 20 megabyte PNG file in all its glory for printing or desktop wall papering.


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