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OK ! I am in work mode now for a block of a while.  I'll get back to everyone then.  I have earned the trust of and have been tasked with the humble honor of getting all of Kamikaze Kelly 's writing- into a book form (and there is a lot of it) and it is all well worth saving.

So, then I shall swim in this and talk with you all later,
take care and keep the coffee hot!  Good Morning ! (
Make it, A Good Morning ! )

I don't know that I'd ever mentioned it, but from age 8-13 I was on a United States Swimming Association Level Nationally Competitive Team, and Basically swam 3-5 days a week, for 1-3 hours a day.  LOL.  and then there was dryland training.   You guys have no frigging idea unless you've tried it, and I gotta say - swimming is the ultimate ass crushing soul destroying zen work out you can possibly imagine.   anyway, I'd like to get back in the water some day.  :)  i will.  i just have not defined the when yet. 

with love, a happy spirit.

if you're needing something to read, head on over to the posts section.   there is a lot in there, things from read.write.as (an author community of open source authors) all using free software, totally independent of ownership of any kind- free of control of companies. 

just like the software that runs this website .   it is open source, and free, and free of the control of big corporations.  that is important, and why i have been SO incessant to get you guys to join here.

because for lack of a better way of putting it, psychologically- you will behave more like your true self here, when your senses register whats going on, that it is safe, that nobody is being a bully, that people are going slowly, and trying to have a conversation, not rush to click the like button twenty five times a minute, and leave a drive by spray of emoji sticker buttons and animated gifs.   This is poor therapy, and we love you- and this is a cry for help.  Your neural circuits are over- loaded, and you are trying to let every single human being on your list know about it. 

um, here we go slow.   so, no need to feel rushed.  at my tribes.   ever.

have a good day ! 

your humble dinosaur wrangler and architect signing out.