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This isn't about being political. This for me is being shared so you can understand how complex politics is. Read the post, and read to the end, then read the last sentence 5 or ten times Until you understand what
Kamikaze Kelly
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Observation on the dueling town halls as I head to bed.
Biden struggled but was striving to be honest. Came across as real, though old.
Trump moderator kicked ass with follow up questions.
Now...it was all about the visual as an old school operative.
The visual was subtle, but powerful. I'll bet most of Y'all didn't notice.
Everytime the camera was full face on, no matter what bullshit he was spouting, questions not answered, or alternate realities presented; there was an attractive woman of color behind him, sharply dressed nodding her head at every point. When he expressed how he was being unfairly persecuted, she nodded in sympathy. When he touted his questionable record, she nodded vigorously. All body motion by a woman of color wearing a mask but extremely well done!
Many will not know the subtleties of politics or theatre. (I do)
Many will be left with a simple visual influencing them that had nothing to do with the words said.
A woman of color in the fade right center shot said not one word but encourages you to trust and vote for Trump.