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About me and "the tunnelman"

Maybe I came up with this man in my imagination, thinking he represented the ultimate consumer. The cartoon was supposed to be a warning about unfettered greed. Sadly he was all around me and almost consumed me. Luckily, I escaped his clutches. I am posting this now because he is still doing the rounds and worming his way into the lives of so many gullible people. This despicable rascal will tempt you with promises he cannot possibly deliver, kinda like an Amazonian monster. I worked for him briefly during the "greed rush" in the 1980's and 90's. Truly a monster of epic proportions yet somehow he still gets you to feel sorry for him. That, of course is part of his game. Surprisingly he just called me with news of his impending demise, he said he was sorry and will change his ways. After I forgave him he asked if he could borrow some money. Be careful if you cross paths with this monster. I managed to fool him by planting a tracking device on him. So now I am tracking him.



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