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+++@@@ ~ @@@++++ Yo! Hey, Hey you! Yeah You. Sup? :D =~~= - (there may be a few spelling errors in here.)

--> (Oh, but what the heck has Omar been doing with himself???! Well a lot, but not all of it's relevant to you, so read these next bits for what IS relevant to your life:: (just not quite.)
I'm working on about 70 or so secret projects, that all relate and inter-connect to each-other, and all run the same software, all can talk to each-other, all can share data, and so on... And I am writing the software, from scratch. Yep.
Stay tuned but don't ask me highly technical stuff unless you wish to help somehow, (but i promise your question is likely not actually highly technical), i'm still figuring a way to address that interactively and in a way that exceeds any unformed expectation ..
I'll give you a hint: All of this has to do with streaming and video and moving pictures, customisability without being needlessly complex (even if you dont know how to check your email) it will still work... and it has to do with streaming, self expression and socio-cultural security, friendship, self-valuation and self-referential worth, self-station and ones network of friends and acquaintances, contacts, and it has to do with content autonomy, data integrity across the web, and finally burying the stupid egoic hatchet that has retarded standards compliance across web software, back ends, design teams, and browsers ...
Since human decided to write synthetic life and store it, and feed it electricity, and then let it make friends with other synthetic life (we call it software...) over the internet.
This is going to be an UN-precedented adventure, and we are already well well on our way to un-wraveling the thing, but working along side it, and integrating IT fully into the experience it's going to have . . .
The domains will largely remain secret until launch day, unless you are a tester... If you're good at that, don't waste my time by telling me about it here, drop a line to omar@ideamissing.com and tell me what the hell you're good at, but dont write a job interview or cover letter, because I'm not paying you. If you want to contribute to this project, you will understand the levity of it, I already trust you, and if not (make a decent case and dont fuck it up), and I'm sure that will be fine - but If you want to contribute to this project-you will understand the underlying fundamental WHY's that are driving the boat, because the project isnt going to have any use for you if you have just showed up expecting to get paid.
Eventually, there will be money, but thats not why this is important, it is not a means to an end, it is a very careful very long term effort to fix several very large problems, that affect a LOT of things, in a global way, by literally making an entirely new solution, that doesn' rely on existing parts to function, and yet works within the respects of existing web tech and parts, without relying on any of them as a point of failure.
This will all be under wraps until launch not because I'm worried about someone copying me (they can't- the idea is so weird they literally cannot think this way), and the entire thing will be a great fantastic surprise for all, in a fully positive way that does not hurt anything that has already been built out onto the web, or change how IT functions in any way, but what it will do is make a major splash, and not a negative disruptive one from ANYONES perspective, however "it will be fun." But the secrecy is due to two primary reasons: my own personal time constraints and steam while working and focusing, and the dilligence and respect for the life form I'm architecting here (yes software is alive when you put electricty into it and give it logic- it does have tangible anima..) and i dont believe the correct answer is AI.
I am not against AI, I just don't see how that is going to work so I will never focus any effort there. For problems other than what I am solving, sure it's a neat thing, but it is not what will drive this. Anyway, your relationship with the network is important, and it's not ready for anyone to make friends with it and play yet. (It's not ready for anyone to use it yet.) But do not worry you will be aware when it happens.
:) So you will have to be patient, but when this is all ready to go, justly know and understand I am not just launching a site. I'm re-drawing / engineering both non-quanta and qualia as they pertain to data modeling and flow (how a something on the internet [usually software or a person] interact with the internet, and their input into it.
And all in new ways .. - Which is leading to the installing of an entire network of sites, all running the same software..and all connected. I'm calling it tenatively "the future present tense web." This is going to be fun. Talk to you later, I've got stuff to think through and design over here, and I also have to do all me normal things, I do eat and sleep...and I get asked all the time if I sleep, so yes, otherwise I wouldn't be typing this. I do all the same stuff you do in that regard. :-p