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cross posted to facebook, well originated at facebook.  doesn't mean i am planning on using facebook, but i needed to contact someone i didn't have a number for, so I went into messenger, and did the reset password thing and all that .


anyway, i wrote one post, and browsed for about 20 minutes.  I am amazed, the only thing that's changed is my perspective.



but for the better.



ok here's what I posted over there yonder.



Howdy Doodle Do! ~ // I'm not "back" but I'm not deleting my account again (at least as far as I can tell.) //
//Hope you are all well, and busily enjoying or trying to - your lives.//
Since I've been gone, (in the 2 months), five of you have tried to see where I was, or how I was, or even made any effort to contact me.
Granted, the experiment was not to contact that many of you, and see what happened.
If this was actual experimental design, there would be controls, and more variables. but it wasn't. I'm justly surprised though, I thought my count here was around 1,667 people, and engagement pretty consistent and "always trying to add value" a smile, info, etc. -
BUT.. here's my share for right now for you:
I had many interesting thoughts in the past two months, but this stuck out:
---If 5 people contacted me out of 1667, then it's safe to say a large percentage of these people while they're talking to you and interacting with you, it's only because they are "on the platform" or "its easy" or "they are already there" or "they just popped up" etc....
Of course, this is not always the situation, but that dynamic is likely relevant in your friends list as well, to a large degree.
Look into it, think about it. Much love, and hope you're doing well.
I'm crossposting this to mytribes.net (which is my facebook clone) and works pretty damn well now, but i am not actually trying to still get you to come use it. I'm not fond of trying to make horses drink water, I'd rather just tell them a few times it's there and they can find it. (so, in this case, mytribes.net is the water.) ha !
Make it a beautiful day / evening / etc
and if you are more old fashioned, and prefer the phone,
and you're on the list of people I trust, I have a landline now,
you can ask about it if you are so inclined to wish to use it.
That is all.
Oh, and enchiladas.
~O or R (depending), but always O, sometimes R. (lmfao.)


  •  it is a nice site. Thanks omar. 

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