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marketing folks - nothing new but take note:

branding a logo with a common symbol or universally known letter,
and obfuscating it just enough that it's hard to initially recognize,

then- pairing it with the associated text it abbreviates, and sticking to integrating
the second character into the first character - forces the brain to recall and store-

-the first character long enough to remember it is associated with the second one,
and long enough to see the word under it, and then after some time with any amount of,
repeated exposure -

the brand becomes a logos - it becomes a living representation of the brand, out there in the world, for real-

the icon becomes quite literally, alive in the minds of the people,

who have been exposed to it.. even if they didn't like it.


... ! yeah. ::blink:: whoa right? okay, so-

think about companies you don't like logos without trying? drawing blanks?
think about a few companies you really like- the logo should come to mind instantly.

(which was easier)? which was pleasurable? what process did you go through emotionally,

trying to think about logos you didn't like the companies actions whom that logo is associated?

Anything interesting come up? Did anyone actually try the two question self assessment? :-)

there's more to all this, but I wanted to document and share my realization, and it is safely stored now in multiple places, and in my head too.

But. short version -

there is a lot more to all this, (there has to be)

and i don't know what that is yet , but -

we build sometimes a brick at a time..

This is today's marketing discovery. :)



(logo used as an example of this is for "West End Films" - but integrates the letter "e"  into a stylized letter "w".  )