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friend feed was a neat idea.  but they did only part of what i was hoping it could do.   rss is fucking incredible and works very well.  we have an overage of data and a lack of understanding and lack of options furthermore for creating an accurate---- and customised feed in the social space.




will use stdin/out or a sql db and same,  to store rss lists of friends or sites on the web that are rss compatible,


you build

you read you happy

you share you post you feed is seen

you got list of feeds and some are site members (friends) some are elsewhere offsite


why the pull?

its honest its simple and honestly i dont know why else yet.







the agglomerator hmm lo

but yeah universal hmmmina hmmmina hmmmina


the collector


hahhaha sounds like a bad horror film or a porn.


lets see...


but the collector is ...



most people are not brave enough to publish a brainstorm, let alone an incomplete fucking rambly one.  This is one of those <--


peace !  



  • On this site it's a good option that we can see the public feed and also friends feed.

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    • i am talking about a new idea not this site.

      this isnt my software and the systems architecture is far too complicated for me to invest any time modifying it.

      what una has done can be done i believe far far easier and simpler. and still do basically the same thing...  but more powerful because it what i see in my head is clean and customizable like really customizable, but not stupidly hard.

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      • Yes you are right. They made it too complicated to make that module based.


        But you know what you need. You can create that directly. So your code will clean and simple.

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      • If you want only friends feed from database then it's easy to create in php.

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