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Law - "a patch" on reality held in affect by synthetic force or habituation, (usually installed without announcement) , of a group by either utility or intentional design of a self-referencing aspect of qualia or quanta as observed in the functional dynamics and day to day lives of said group, and as executed by a highly methodical and extremely logical, regimented iterative process appearing to have all control and dictate and omnipotently be aware of "all possibilities" of any given situation with a temporal faux-hyperbola in this described arrangement.

as dictated by the taking of residence in the fulcrum of the hyperbola and controlling the ratios to alter social-global perception by the use of laws and ideologies as published and described as "entertainment." 

this is only hard until you start to see it, then it's so self-evident you must bound time spent observing it consciously lest you destroy yourself.. 

also, basically we are talking about assuming the role of the generator of all reality, as observed through two eyes, ears, a nose etc. 

Back to the main point, law is a functional and ideological constructed semantic mesh of logic and reason, but underlying as fully unified modulo are the motivations and directives to control the acquisition or distribution of power, electricity, or inner health electricity. 

Moving on through the sequence,

This is functional language, and the description will change later depending on who is to understand it.  Right now, I'm just spitting out a note about something that I feel is important to re-frame, and moving onto whatever else I was doing, if you don't understand this don't complain about it hehe just ask or figure it out .



i really dont need to say that next sentence, and its due to a pattern i'd been always getting on facebook as a member.   the context and or content and or ideologies and paradigms i generally exist under are so much different than most i talk, i end up having to explain something, and its not been fun.  or i was attacked, but i dont care about that, its just an adverse self reaction to really being upset they didnt understand me. 

psychology online casually in most cases is dangerous, as we are entering into a new world of "suupposed and proported" responsibility online-  which is interesting because really you should be responsibile for what you post in general nayway, but for the permanent or semi permanent custodianship and chain of ownership for something said online.   which -  is clearly un natural as a proposition from the get go, and disregards things like time or even the falsity of the currently understood "time" , and many other variables of tremendous import barring even having to consider the situation in the first place,


but mainly- the big danger is this as society leaves all this data online and it gets easier to do so and look it up: (trust me search engines are better theres just more info and people need to learn how to search with operators to assist (like &, +, (), and stuff like that.  it matters.)  

the main point is it is dangerous to talk about stuff like that psychology in this case, online as some people who have a tendency to worry or self diagnose may read your story and freak themselves out, and take actions that are totally destructive .  which of course is entirely their fault.


but the posturing of all the "new laws" surrounding talking, and the internet, basically very very poorly attempt to re-create the conditional dynamics of a piece of written note, a printed document, or any piece of communication with info about a thing person place etc on it, and or a conversation between two people.   you cannot duplicate that exchange - and have it "live on" as a law, which says "a person is always responsible legally for everything they say on the internet."  "oh and by the way we're watching some people and wont say who, so behave" -  is not one that follows in accordance with natural law of physics, or any agglomerated 3-dimensional object with mass and density.  


This is likely going to be cleaned up and expanded later, this is an important thing to write about.

Now back to picking a domain for my news desk (daily blog) site, that doesn't make me sound like a flashy fleeting thing or an asshole.



I'll discuss the project further, but effectively it is a blog, and i am writing the software myself from scratch, because i want to authentically own the entire process, so i can learn what it looks like to work in those programming languages.









over and out