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Does anyone want to use this website?

No, it's not dying, but please just read this, it's brief- thanks!    :-)

I'm not putting any eggs into this basket, or dedicating any more time to this project-


(a) - Mytribes is not going away.

(b) - There is any reason to put any more energy into this site.

(c)- Does someone want to help? Open to ideas and changes.

(d)- Always leave room for option d.

There are a lot of things i get ideas about constantly, and this was one of them.  I feel though me and this project are presently at a logical lull point, or stasis- but not a logical end point.  I learned things, some of this code sucks, and I will make my own next instead of deal with those limitations any further, in regard to further improving the website you are reading this on.  

Unless there is anyone wanting to work with this code-base, and respect the existing project enough not to explode it, let me know if you want to make it do things, and know roughly how.  It's php, mysql, java script, ajax, a bit of plugin foo, html, and css.  12 core intel box with 24 threads and a 2tb ssd..  16 gigs of ram, and running ubuntu linux on a very custom bunch of scripts, lol with apache-2x .....oh and as long as your not into privilege escalation or doing anything patently illegal, you can ......>>>   (2) have full shell in the project account and a personal dir based one, and you can register a domain for it, and then host something out of it, as a vhosted apache script, or just ask and i'll host your site as long as it's not commercial, if it is i'll charge you something very fair to host it, and we'll play it together by ear.  but just in general if you want to work with me dont be a dick and listen, my ideas are strange but they all have decent reasons but it doesnt mean i'm right and i am definitely open to hearing other ideas unless i am holding tools and cutting something, for example.  Ha.. so bearing that in mind, if you like work that feels like discussion and play then let me know oho and you can keep the shell after too.

So, the above paragraph is written in geek, so if you started in on that hopefully you understood, or skipped to this point here with the remaining non technical tid-bits of this post following this sentence.. 

Well, the most notice-able thing off all, and perhaps my biggest surprise, is nobody wants to use this website, or if they do, they're not.  and I don't want you to tell me you planned on it but then life happened - there is not a reason to excuse yourself, I had zero expectations of you, dear reader.   But I did hope that you would find this website, and once you made an account, you'd make some kind of attempt at regular use.  I cannot say what effort was put in, by the over 300 people who have made an account, but if you look at the results, I can say the only people I can remember posting more than once are the following:

Lilli Lovecraft , Gary Warmerdam , Rin Rin , , Amitesh Kumar , Aneta Haberle , Anthony Dinh , Albert Hofmann  , David Berman , Eric Meeks , Erika Todden Cooper Fabian Dupuis , Ginger  , Greg Carter , Holistic Hempire , Horatio Lyons , Irina Ondusko , Matt Murtaugh, mediaonefx James Zandreiatti Jimmy Mac Kamikaze Kelly Kathryn Niflis Johnson Kevin Lee Ladyfingers.fb nigel r mitchell pyrokitten Reía | Hazel & Sage | Roaming Gnome Shamieonjaime Sine nomine Sheri Marie satmeher Teresa Stansfield Tarantilia Ultra Healers Virginia Martin Wanderer Yeti zman Zanya 

(if i forgot anyone, my apologies, those of you who tried it, you tried it- thats groovy and i sincerely appreciate that.  it's more than the other 300 of the people who came and signed up did.   )   you're bold.   the rest of you, and those of you who are on this list but dont post here, i assume and hope you are in good health, and have zero present need to speak to me, but retain some method of contact if you consider us to be on mutually good terms.  :-)

[ what i've been doing with my time: remind me to expand this section if i dont.   healing, eating, working on about 10 different new projects, oh and if you didnt catch it, you can contact me at 1-833-780-2200....  :D  ] and i will be happy to hear from you and catch some of your on goings, and I'll update you on some new stuff over here that's pretty neato.  :)  ]


..............so then there's the elephant in the room, nobody uses this site. (the elephant is the bold paragraph, not the paragraph following it enclosed in brackets.  [ paragraph inside brackets, if you dont know what a bracket is.]    <---    So, that being said,


It is hard not to notice that, and some of these features are subscription based, and I am going to not renew those features at the end of that trial period.  So we have probably about one month on some of those, and two on another few, and perhaps a few more but not more than 3 to 5, and then this website is probably going to look like wet horse tail, because i am not going to pay for something nobody uses.   :-)  Not a sucker here.  Moving along..  This is your polite advanced warning that while this website isnt going anywhere, or your data, there may be certain features missing, like - this theme -  because you pay for it.  after some time.   

Changing the subject, of course this would be different if even one person had made or attempted to make a solid commitment to using this as some kind of platform for self or for starting a business idea, or to augment an existing business.  It had been set up for that, I don't think anyone noticed that you can sell things here, run video conferences, privately share files of any extension, market an album and sell it here in the store, sell your used clothes, post an ad for a personal, write a blog post about your views on the pandemic, write a personal piece once a week summarizing your previous week of life, but do it for yourself, and it just happens to be public,  or if you are bashful, or private, mark it "me only" in the visibility settings...


The point is, there is so much shit this website does, but without anyone using it, i'm done dude.  got other stuff to create and this is not anything i'm going to work on further unless as aforementioned someone comes in and acts as a wild catalyst, then we can change all that and the whole thing is back on the table.


Additionally, if you had not figured out by now how to get a hold of me, and somehow think this action makes it harder to contact me, stop being a moron and write down my phone number and email address from the following website:   www.ideamissing.com  

Then feel free to call or email me when-ever you'd like, as long as you have a point in doing so, and don't just want me to listen to your voice. 

 I turn my phone and email and laptop off when I sleep, so if you've got an idea, give it a try, the worst that can happen is you end up leaving a voice message.  

Please don't be that idiot that relies on people checking call logs for me to call you back either, I hate those people.  Just tell me something, tell me who it is that's talking, and tell me how to get back to you, otherwise don't bother ;-)



here's to hoping that you create and generate for yourself and those around you,

....a wonderful day, and week, and hopefully whatever-the-fuck you're working on or trying to do is thusly made enjoyable by you.

-with love, as always,




//comment as you feel it fitting or required, but as usual- if you're a douche-flute this is a terrible way to ask for someone's attention, and you will be entirely ignored, more than likely permanently unless you really have a good reason not to be..  :-) 



[ what i've been doing with my time: remind me to expand this section if i dont.   healing, eating, working on about 10 different new projects,trying to invent something physical that im sketching out and experimenting on, then designing in 3d modeling , then sending to a guy to have him proto-type it... 


oh and if you didnt catch it, you can contact me at 1-833-780-2200....  or by <--- clicking on this..    if you happen to be reading this on a smart device.  otherwise your smart device is your index finger, and you use it to dial the number above and or store it, and then we can talk when you use it to call me. 


:D  ]


and i will be happy to hear from you and catch some of your on goings, and I'll update you on some new stuff over here that's pretty neato.  :)  ]  If I managed to fill your head with stuff and you didn't stop reading in time, you can write the number down later, or call me in one click later by visiting http://www.ideamissing.com . (or email too in one click.)

mwah! make it a great day everybody.