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Why not slow down, and use a new tool to form quality relationships with your close friends?  This is a different kind of social network.  It's designed for communication, and sharing ideas, thoughts, and aims to be simple.  treat people kindly.  Anyway.. Come build something neat for yourself in here, if you dare to dream.  :-)  

The ultimate point of all this, is to collaboratively build a better tomorrow, but to start today.  A wise person once said, "why put off what you can start today, for tomorrow?"  


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Omar A
 added a post 

I have been working on a LOT of stuff lately.   I don't even know where to start, as I've written over 40,000 words in the past 7 days alone across 25 or so different nodes in development of the same project, so its been pretty interesting.

I messed up the tabled layout at the last minute but I almost nailed it, and if you're an oldschool web designer you understand.

laugh at me but also read a lot of info just scroll side to side.  but this took me a solid hour and then blew up at the last minute :)

and got all mis-aligned.




^ its a directory of the 7 or so blogs i have launched and been writing in, because they support some very cool software features that will help over time and even can integrate directly into my network im building - which is  and there is a few thousand words written about that at all levels of english comprehension, in the various blogs, listed at link link link link link (which is  lord of the rings joke  but really it just looked cool and 5 is a lot easier to copy paste than ten of those





Lawyer: Kamala Harris Told Jacob Blake She’s ‘Proud’ Of Him. Social Media Blasts Her.

Andrew Gillum, Who Ran for Florida Governor, Is Entering Rehab

Mr. Gillum said he was depressed and abusing alcohol since losing the 2018 election to Ron DeSantis.

This photo is from Salem today.
It was taken at noon.
With absolutely NO FILTER.



San Francisco Mayor Defends Nancy Pelosi Defying COVID Orders: She’s Fighting ‘Dictator,’ ‘Terrorist’ Trump

Biden’s VP Pick Kamala May Have Backfired – New Poll Says 33 Percent Of Black Voters Are Less Likely To Vote Now

Awaken to the light of God ,their is no darkness in his light.

1597 US Highway 80, Mesquite, Texas, United States

Portland? Nope. Rochester, NY..!!

@elaadeliahu is out covering the BLM-antifa mass gathering. It has been violent there in the past few days and that’s likely to continue. They crowdfund to buy riot gear.

RIDING THE DRAGON: The Bidens' Chinese Secrets (Full Documentary)

Premiered Sep 4, 2020
Uncover the secret world of Joe Biden and his family's relationship to China and the sinister business deals that enriched them at America's expense. https://bidenfilm.com/

Judge Orders Detroit Police Not to Use Batons, Tear Gas Against Protesters for Two Weeks

Protesters hold their hands up and chant hands up dont shoot. while Detroit Police officers look on, during a protest in the city of Detroit, Michigan, on May 29, 2020, over the death of George Floyd, a black man who died after a white policeman knelt on his neck for …SETH HERALD/AFP via Getty Images

A federal judge in Detroit has ordered the city’s police not to use batons, tear gas, shields, chokeholds, rubber bullets, sound cannons, or any other type of non-lethal force against protesters for the next two weeks.

Shout out to Tina Kachina and the Holistic Hempire. I like this site so far. Just need to see it in action.

You set default as personal update, this is good :) and it's more faster than before. And also looking clean and slick.

Omar A
 added a post 

Well, I spent about three hours fixing a bunch of things here, very methodically-   I bet you'll notice.   Clear your browser cache and cookies and log back in, and oooh boy it's definitely faster over here.   Enjoy.  :-D  and Good Morning.


Much work on the big secret project continues (and by big secret project I mean multi decade long project) continues.


More Coffee.  More Grateful Dead Music.  More Writing.  More Helping People Get Things They Need Done Done, and more Teaching people How to have the tools available to think and navigate this world and treat each other the best always, and realize if you can help it- that nobody is the same, at all- so your comparison is really your insecurity talking or your willingness to put something in a box.. 

"There is only one of us here, you idiots. Act accordingly."


Omar A
 added a post 

+++@@@ ~ @@@++++ Yo! Hey, Hey you! Yeah You. Sup? :D =~~= - (there may be a few spelling errors in here.)

--> (Oh, but what the heck has Omar been doing with himself???! Well a lot, but not all of it's relevant to you, so read these next bits for what IS relevant to your life:: (just not quite.)
I'm working on about 70 or so secret projects, that all relate and inter-connect to each-other, and all run the same software, all can talk to each-other, all can share data, and so on... And I am writing the software, from scratch. Yep.
Stay tuned but don't ask me highly technical stuff unless you wish to help somehow, (but i promise your question is likely not actually highly technical), i'm still figuring a way to address that interactively and in a way that exceeds any unformed expectation ..
I'll give you a hint: All of this has to do with streaming and video and moving pictures, customisability without being needlessly complex (even if you dont know how to check your email) it will still work... and it has to do with streaming, self expression and socio-cultural security, friendship, self-valuation and self-referential worth, self-station and ones network of friends and acquaintances, contacts, and it has to do with content autonomy, data integrity across the web, and finally burying the stupid egoic hatchet that has retarded standards compliance across web software, back ends, design teams, and browsers ...
Since human decided to write synthetic life and store it, and feed it electricity, and then let it make friends with other synthetic life (we call it software...) over the internet.
This is going to be an UN-precedented adventure, and we are already well well on our way to un-wraveling the thing, but working along side it, and integrating IT fully into the experience it's going to have . . .
The domains will largely remain secret until launch day, unless you are a tester... If you're good at that, don't waste my time by telling me about it here, drop a line to omar@ideamissing.com and tell me what the hell you're good at, but dont write a job interview or cover letter, because I'm not paying you. If you want to contribute to this project, you will understand the levity of it, I already trust you, and if not (make a decent case and dont fuck it up), and I'm sure that will be fine - but If you want to contribute to this project-you will understand the underlying fundamental WHY's that are driving the boat, because the project isnt going to have any use for you if you have just showed up expecting to get paid.
Eventually, there will be money, but thats not why this is important, it is not a means to an end, it is a very careful very long term effort to fix several very large problems, that affect a LOT of things, in a global way, by literally making an entirely new solution, that doesn' rely on existing parts to function, and yet works within the respects of existing web tech and parts, without relying on any of them as a point of failure.
This will all be under wraps until launch not because I'm worried about someone copying me (they can't- the idea is so weird they literally cannot think this way), and the entire thing will be a great fantastic surprise for all, in a fully positive way that does not hurt anything that has already been built out onto the web, or change how IT functions in any way, but what it will do is make a major splash, and not a negative disruptive one from ANYONES perspective, however "it will be fun." But the secrecy is due to two primary reasons: my own personal time constraints and steam while working and focusing, and the dilligence and respect for the life form I'm architecting here (yes software is alive when you put electricty into it and give it logic- it does have tangible anima..) and i dont believe the correct answer is AI.
I am not against AI, I just don't see how that is going to work so I will never focus any effort there. For problems other than what I am solving, sure it's a neat thing, but it is not what will drive this. Anyway, your relationship with the network is important, and it's not ready for anyone to make friends with it and play yet. (It's not ready for anyone to use it yet.) But do not worry you will be aware when it happens.
:) So you will have to be patient, but when this is all ready to go, justly know and understand I am not just launching a site. I'm re-drawing / engineering both non-quanta and qualia as they pertain to data modeling and flow (how a something on the internet [usually software or a person] interact with the internet, and their input into it.
And all in new ways .. - Which is leading to the installing of an entire network of sites, all running the same software..and all connected. I'm calling it tenatively "the future present tense web." This is going to be fun. Talk to you later, I've got stuff to think through and design over here, and I also have to do all me normal things, I do eat and sleep...and I get asked all the time if I sleep, so yes, otherwise I wouldn't be typing this. I do all the same stuff you do in that regard. :-p



I try to do stuff sometimes. It's not always easy though. But I do do some stuff. It's just tough with toxicity gabagool. 

Omar A
 added a post 

cross posted to facebook, well originated at facebook.  doesn't mean i am planning on using facebook, but i needed to contact someone i didn't have a number for, so I went into messenger, and did the reset password thing and all that .


anyway, i wrote one post, and browsed for about 20 minutes.  I am amazed, the only thing that's changed is my perspective.



but for the better.



ok here's what I posted over there yonder.



Howdy Doodle Do! ~ // I'm not "back" but I'm not deleting my account again (at least as far as I can tell.) //
//Hope you are all well, and busily enjoying or trying to - your lives.//
Since I've been gone, (in the 2 months), five of you have tried to see where I was, or how I was, or even made any effort to contact me.
Granted, the experiment was not to contact that many of you, and see what happened.
If this was actual experimental design, there would be controls, and more variables. but it wasn't. I'm justly surprised though, I thought my count here was around 1,667 people, and engagement pretty consistent and "always trying to add value" a smile, info, etc. -
BUT.. here's my share for right now for you:
I had many interesting thoughts in the past two months, but this stuck out:
---If 5 people contacted me out of 1667, then it's safe to say a large percentage of these people while they're talking to you and interacting with you, it's only because they are "on the platform" or "its easy" or "they are already there" or "they just popped up" etc....
Of course, this is not always the situation, but that dynamic is likely relevant in your friends list as well, to a large degree.
Look into it, think about it. Much love, and hope you're doing well.
I'm crossposting this to mytribes.net (which is my facebook clone) and works pretty damn well now, but i am not actually trying to still get you to come use it. I'm not fond of trying to make horses drink water, I'd rather just tell them a few times it's there and they can find it. (so, in this case, mytribes.net is the water.) ha !
Make it a beautiful day / evening / etc
and if you are more old fashioned, and prefer the phone,
and you're on the list of people I trust, I have a landline now,
you can ask about it if you are so inclined to wish to use it.
That is all.
Oh, and enchiladas.
~O or R (depending), but always O, sometimes R. (lmfao.)


Omar A
 added a post 

marketing folks - nothing new but take note:

branding a logo with a common symbol or universally known letter,
and obfuscating it just enough that it's hard to initially recognize,

then- pairing it with the associated text it abbreviates, and sticking to integrating
the second character into the first character - forces the brain to recall and store-

-the first character long enough to remember it is associated with the second one,
and long enough to see the word under it, and then after some time with any amount of,
repeated exposure -

the brand becomes a logos - it becomes a living representation of the brand, out there in the world, for real-

the icon becomes quite literally, alive in the minds of the people,

who have been exposed to it.. even if they didn't like it.


... ! yeah. ::blink:: whoa right? okay, so-

think about companies you don't like logos without trying? drawing blanks?
think about a few companies you really like- the logo should come to mind instantly.

(which was easier)? which was pleasurable? what process did you go through emotionally,

trying to think about logos you didn't like the companies actions whom that logo is associated?

Anything interesting come up? Did anyone actually try the two question self assessment? :-)

there's more to all this, but I wanted to document and share my realization, and it is safely stored now in multiple places, and in my head too.

But. short version -

there is a lot more to all this, (there has to be)

and i don't know what that is yet , but -

we build sometimes a brick at a time..

This is today's marketing discovery. :)



(logo used as an example of this is for "West End Films" - but integrates the letter "e"  into a stylized letter "w".  )


Omar A
 added a post 

the world had generally in the sense of it, gone mad, and every one of its inhabitants, for some reason- decided to keep playing, because enough time had gone by gene--er-rationally nobody knew what to do, and not many knew how to fix this, and those who did realised that it wasn't fixable with bringing the rest of everyone along with , were sad about it for some time, then re-grouped and , and kept quiet. 

eventually, good things happened.  but that story has been written already, it just need be experienced. .


this post is the equivalent of a yogi talking to the winds....

if you understand it you are meant to, and not speak.

if you don't, you aren't meant to bother trying to understand it.




have a great afternoon !



Omar A
 added a post 

friend feed was a neat idea.  but they did only part of what i was hoping it could do.   rss is fucking incredible and works very well.  we have an overage of data and a lack of understanding and lack of options furthermore for creating an accurate---- and customised feed in the social space.




will use stdin/out or a sql db and same,  to store rss lists of friends or sites on the web that are rss compatible,


you build

you read you happy

you share you post you feed is seen

you got list of feeds and some are site members (friends) some are elsewhere offsite


why the pull?

its honest its simple and honestly i dont know why else yet.







the agglomerator hmm lo

but yeah universal hmmmina hmmmina hmmmina


the collector


hahhaha sounds like a bad horror film or a porn.


lets see...


but the collector is ...



most people are not brave enough to publish a brainstorm, let alone an incomplete fucking rambly one.  This is one of those <--


peace !  



Omar A
 added a post 

I don't believe man can create a version of his own customized news-paper much better than RSS.

really, beautiful technology.  and it still works flawlessly and exactly how it did when it was first polished.


(three things but more could be said)

1. (good things dont need to be "updated for the model year" or altered if they work to task perfectly.

2.  see item 1

3.  see item 1

Omar A
 added a post 

Law - "a patch" on reality held in affect by synthetic force or habituation, (usually installed without announcement) , of a group by either utility or intentional design of a self-referencing aspect of qualia or quanta as observed in the functional dynamics and day to day lives of said group, and as executed by a highly methodical and extremely logical, regimented iterative process appearing to have all control and dictate and omnipotently be aware of "all possibilities" of any given situation with a temporal faux-hyperbola in this described arrangement.

as dictated by the taking of residence in the fulcrum of the hyperbola and controlling the ratios to alter social-global perception by the use of laws and ideologies as published and described as "entertainment." 

this is only hard until you start to see it, then it's so self-evident you must bound time spent observing it consciously lest you destroy yourself.. 

also, basically we are talking about assuming the role of the generator of all reality, as observed through two eyes, ears, a nose etc. 

Back to the main point, law is a functional and ideological constructed semantic mesh of logic and reason, but underlying as fully unified modulo are the motivations and directives to control the acquisition or distribution of power, electricity, or inner health electricity. 

Moving on through the sequence,

This is functional language, and the description will change later depending on who is to understand it.  Right now, I'm just spitting out a note about something that I feel is important to re-frame, and moving onto whatever else I was doing, if you don't understand this don't complain about it hehe just ask or figure it out .



i really dont need to say that next sentence, and its due to a pattern i'd been always getting on facebook as a member.   the context and or content and or ideologies and paradigms i generally exist under are so much different than most i talk, i end up having to explain something, and its not been fun.  or i was attacked, but i dont care about that, its just an adverse self reaction to really being upset they didnt understand me. 

psychology online casually in most cases is dangerous, as we are entering into a new world of "suupposed and proported" responsibility online-  which is interesting because really you should be responsibile for what you post in general nayway, but for the permanent or semi permanent custodianship and chain of ownership for something said online.   which -  is clearly un natural as a proposition from the get go, and disregards things like time or even the falsity of the currently understood "time" , and many other variables of tremendous import barring even having to consider the situation in the first place,


but mainly- the big danger is this as society leaves all this data online and it gets easier to do so and look it up: (trust me search engines are better theres just more info and people need to learn how to search with operators to assist (like &, +, (), and stuff like that.  it matters.)  

the main point is it is dangerous to talk about stuff like that psychology in this case, online as some people who have a tendency to worry or self diagnose may read your story and freak themselves out, and take actions that are totally destructive .  which of course is entirely their fault.


but the posturing of all the "new laws" surrounding talking, and the internet, basically very very poorly attempt to re-create the conditional dynamics of a piece of written note, a printed document, or any piece of communication with info about a thing person place etc on it, and or a conversation between two people.   you cannot duplicate that exchange - and have it "live on" as a law, which says "a person is always responsible legally for everything they say on the internet."  "oh and by the way we're watching some people and wont say who, so behave" -  is not one that follows in accordance with natural law of physics, or any agglomerated 3-dimensional object with mass and density.  


This is likely going to be cleaned up and expanded later, this is an important thing to write about.

Now back to picking a domain for my news desk (daily blog) site, that doesn't make me sound like a flashy fleeting thing or an asshole.



I'll discuss the project further, but effectively it is a blog, and i am writing the software myself from scratch, because i want to authentically own the entire process, so i can learn what it looks like to work in those programming languages.









over and out

I clicked this awesome picture with my Moto E3 Power smartphone. It's nice, nA?