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Well, Hi There !

Welcome! You are now at mytribes.net

Congratulations on loading a website that isn't facebook!

Now, the real fun can start.  What if I told you there was a social network online that you could use to not only talk with your existing friends, but do things facebook simply can't and won't? - Well here's the good news.  You're looking at it.  

So, I've been re-imagining what a social network can do for the last 20 years on and off.. and laying in bed a great many nights wondering how we can use this marvelous tool we call the internet, to re-unify and re-fortify not only our ability to form quality relationships with other people, but to learn the basics of a happy life.  Good mood, clear mind, critical thinking and reasoning skills, Healthy habits without any confusing bs, and the other things one might want to know or understand, like philosophy, psychology, or how to build an irrigation ditch, or dig a root cellar.  All without advertisements, and being data mined behind your back.  Here, we do *none* of that.  We're just not into it.  At all.  We respect your privacy.  

This is where the website you're staring at now will come into the plan I've slowly been putting together.  I've collected around 600 gigabytes of books, that are all browsable and categorically arranged by topic, and there also is a search engine for those, and in addition to that, there is functionality in this site to take classes from people who are offering them.  :-) In addition to that I've spent the last 20 years building an extremely high quality strategic network of experts in most all subject matters, and from all walks of life and various professions.  I hope to be able to include most all of them here as time goes on and we build this network together.  

Let's begin by giving you a brief video walkthrough of some of what this site can do, without really getting too far into all the buttons and stuff.  Grab a snack, kick back, and watch.  Please be advised the video has music in it.

If you're already into all this, the join form is the three horizontal boxes along the top of the page, and the light blue submit button.  Then, check your email for a confirm link, and you are then able to fill out your profile, (which is required) before you're able to use the site.  

The ultimate point of all this, is to collaboratively build a better tomorrow, but to start today.  A wise person once said, "why put off what you can start today, for tomorrow?"  

Now, for that video...