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Why not slow down, and use a new tool to form quality relationships with your close friends?  This is a different kind of social network.  It's designed for communication, and sharing ideas, thoughts, and aims to be simple.  treat people kindly.  Anyway.. Come build something neat for yourself in here, if you dare to dream.  :-)  

The ultimate point of all this, is to collaboratively build a better tomorrow, but to start today.  A wise person once said, "why put off what you can start today, for tomorrow?"  


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Omar Amer
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this is awesome

Omar Amer
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herro ? :D

Omar Amer
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good morning !


Omar Amer
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offered without explanation - "a world without people that understand the meaning of family, is a world without emotional depth - a transactional one - a capitolists dream - by design, and very easy to control  ? 


dont worry,, just something i thought of while i woke up , i am not trying to write a book on this.    :)  that would not work yet.  im not old enough ;)

Omar Amer
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please, donught be alarmed, I am currently changing the way layouts look for the display template engine but ... "only for the tribes page", ie ....,...,....tribe, tribes, talks, pics, vids, albums, posts. 


that section.  :-)


Omar Amer
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"never forget how to move."  :]


Now, listen to this and put it in the background, and try not to canvass your entire living space dancing around like a skittering top.. 



Omar Amer
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oh man i need to fix the timeline again, if you dont see your stuff on your profile dont freak out, its still here.  i reset a few things today while putting fixing touches on some long standing bugs.   eta tomorrow

Omar Amer
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Reposted Omar Amer's product.

UncleJohns.Coffee sources the best coffee world-wide via a relationship with one of the leading distributors of specialty raw (but processed and milled! green coffee beans here in the United States.  They have been in operation since 1978 and are family owned.  We choose from their special micro-lots, which they call "Crown Jewels;" And each is tested on site at headquarters in their tasting lab and profiled by the in house staff for flavors, etc- so there are 4 graphs available for each coffee, as well as origin info about the date of harvest, size of farm, type of soil used in the harvest, elevation, and more. 

In the final stage of coffee custodianship, the roaster ensures the precious beans are taken care of and turned from green rock like pebbles to beautiful caramel colored ovoid diamonds.  Ha, !  Gotta have a little fun.  We roast with love, plain and simple.  

This month, for the month of August, we have a mind boggling Colombia Augustina Crown Jewel for the Coffee of the Month Club.   Please Note: This Offer is exclusive to mytribes.net, and has different pricing, but literally is the exact same coffee, and quality as usual.  

What you're buying: 3 bags of extremely high quality coffee, literally some of the best the soil on mother earth has to offer.  That actually is not marketing here, the company I source my coffee from has an extremely involved and complex bar on raising standards of human living and economic prowess world wide, while focusing on maintaining stewardship over the land, and providing guidance to farmers well beyond what I've read about any other company doing.  This ...well, the coffee reflects the love put into it during its growing cycle.  There is no denying it is delicate, powerful, nuanced, subtle, bold, multi layered, and extremely complex coffee, that even tastes different upon grinding at different sizes with your coffee grinder, it is so immaculate of a presentation of coffee.  You may read about the only importer I roast from, here:  https://www.royalcoffee.com .   They are the OG real deal. 

Anyway, Each bag is 12 ounces, weight of coffee in the bag, not including the bag.  So the bag doesn't count towards your beans.. You get a bit more ;)  Enough for literally one extra espresso shot!  (Spoiler: I weighed the bag.)  I may or may not throw in a few small samples, enough to brew one large 12-16oz cup of coffee personal size mug, if they are available at the time of your shipment going out...     

Website:   https://unclejohns.coffee

Questions: ask@unclejohns.coffee

Shipping Fulfilled by: USPS (provide zip code and address to ask@unclejohns.coffee after purchase, don't worry - we have been told we have hawk eyes, so rest assured we shall find your order in the email and connect the dots.  Shipping is not included in this cost, however shipping is something we all have to deal with, and as a small operation it's not something we can just adsorb the cost of ourselves..  Trust the coffee is well worth it, you will be pretty happy with it.  I may be wrong, but that has yet to happen. .  Shipping on UncleJohns.Coffee is currently subsidized by 5 dollars, for the type of shipping we use, usps , insurance, 2-3 days guarenteed, inside continental USA, -  but If I had put the price including that, it would further burgeon the hidden myrad web of financial complications arising from 50 years of having converted coffee into a commodity.  The cost is not cheap,  right now farmers all over the world in a lot of areas (with a few particular, clients...) generally get paid 40-70 cents a pound, for their milled ready for export and putting it in a package and selling it to a roaster, deal.  This is ludicris, considering that is how much they made in 1971.  The whole situation is highly complex, but just know I am trying to simultaneously adsorb part of this to buffer it so you can be exposed to delicious coffee like you have never tried before, and the other end of it, I am also taking the steps to actively build this into a setup that has a charity involved, that assists orphaned or fostered children with things like school supplies, or money for riding the bus home, or fall jackets.  Lots of ways that are small which make a huge difference.  Even for some kids, and this should illustrate to you how complicated we've made our adult world.... Giving a child their very own english dictionary with an engraved plaque inset the hard bound frontspiece, is the type of gesture that is so rare these days, it is not to be soon forgotten.    Powerful things like that make ripples, and I have big plans for helping a lot of people, with Uncle Johns.  So please consider supporting the mission. 

Omar Amer
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woot  strippping down the bells and whistles and getting down to a more utiliful design... 


good morning !

Omar Amer
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Omar Amer
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Omar Amer
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Omar Amer
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So nice to have finally fixed this.   We can post again ! 

  • a few problems were noticed
  • a few bugs were contemplated
  • a few bugs were abstracted
  • a few things were trimmed away, to be re-tooled and several re-integrated later, but -
  • for now things are fast as hell, and work.  no media cards for embeds right now via service, but i will probably just write my own later.  Our needs are not as complex, as say what embedeley or iframely provide.

cheeers!  Hope you MADE it a great day.  lots going on here.  busy busy love love fun fun :)  but in BALANCE. 




~Omar / doctorbeans

Omar Amer
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Oh, and another thing, I finally fixed the little system gremlin that was making the "Quick Update" function here damn near impossible to use, and may have even crashed your browser.


It works now. 

Omar Amer
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hey everyone, hows it going? been working my behind off doing various things, and also just really focusing on getting a lot done.  you'd be surprised at how much facebook takes out of you in different ways.  its not just time -  there is (after over a month of quitting) i am seeing now that when i reflect:

Hey all !  Been super busy here doing a great many things, but very very very focused, and very much enjoying all of it.

Some interesting events in the past month:

  • witnessing the slow death of the behmor roaster
  • started writing second book spontaneously and am about 7,200 words in after two sessions.
  • registered a few new domains for various ideas to help people, some to help people make money, and some to help me make money.
  • ate way too many freezer pizzas
  • took delivery of first new laptop in nearly 6 years, get everything almost set up, move all the files around, and today (yes just today), I accidentally somehow due to a freak accident i dont even comprehend (but i am looking into deeply), i run a standrd command to move a few folders into another folder, and it over -writes my entire directory of text files.    I've seen this twice in 20 years, and I don't remember what had happened the last time.  It was deadly the first time this happened 10 years ago, but hope this time I can figure out how to recover my files.  I do have all my passwords, but use txt files for planning, bookmarks, writing, and other stuff.

You are probably thinking but Omar has a backup system.. right?          I mean, its ..  Omar we're talking about here.

Well yes I do, lol. But that isn't the point :-\  From what I can tell, I've lost about 45-50 days of text files.  Unless my skill level is able to operate the recovery tools available, and that somehow the files are hiding somewhere in the hard-disk turn a work of magic, (and neither of these is actually very likely,  due to the disk type, the fact that its encrypted, among other factors at play make recovering the files very unlikely.  LOL.  The kind of setup I'm operting is more or less secure enough that once I delete the files, they're gone gone gone.  But the chance of recovery here is I actually did not run a delete command, they were over-written. So we will see.  Hopefully I can fix this.  The remedy after talking with a few friends requires buying a hard-drive and backing up the hard-drive where the error occurred into it, and making whats called a disk image, and then running the disk recovery tools on the image.   I have the rest of the files backed up in 4 other places though, just not the last 52 days worth.

But.   It's really the new file juice I am upset about, there is/was /(IS! crossed fingers.) a lot of neat stuff in there still and I can get the files back.  You would be surprised how much an Omar can write in around 45 days time.    Around half a million words worth, around 30,000-40,000 of which are personal writing, however the second book is safe in its entirety ! 


Maybe the folder deleted itself because one of the ideas i had written down would like, perhaps turn itself into a really big problem someday or something.   whatever the heck ended up happening either i lost the files or didn't but ill have to accept whatever the end result is lol  sometimes they just vanish.  much planning in text files, and organizational stuff. 

Shoot, who knows.  We will have to wait without waiting, and just see what turns out or up.  But what I really wanted to say, was hi.  And also, leave you with an important thought about just how I feel about face-book around 8 weeks now? After quitting for good.  Besides "a lot better in every way imaginable." 

Facebook comes at a far greater cost than just time.  It deposits unwanted and often obscene judgements, opinions, images, videos and text within your direct line of vision more or less 24 hours a day, until some time after use has discontinued.  The lingering effects are largely perceptual and psychological in nature, -self-refractive judgements, nagging worry, feelings of hopelessness or abject despair, etc - are all easily and transparently donned clothing within the Facebook users mental-space, with a full recovery possibly taking years, it's worth mention that after 8 weeks there is a considerable and visible delta of improvement in all areas of my life.







and so on.


So in regarding my findings, certainly they do not apply to everyone, - but the experience here I've been having in regard to the above is definitely worth mentioning !

Any relatively adjusted human would agree that there is no way on earth that any of the above conditional situations I felt (and including those unmentioned, such as internet bullying),  could be construed as healthy, productive, or useful.  Unfortunately in the year 2020, it is "normal," and Facebook is unfortunately - a fantastic place to find all of these terrible things, but that doesn't make it beneficial, right, useful or virtuous.


MAKE it a beautiful day.


"Years ago, anthropologist Margaret Mead was asked by a student what she considered to be the first sign of civilization in a culture. The student expected Mead to talk about fishhooks or clay pots or grinding stones.
But no. Mead said that the first sign of civilization in an ancient culture was a femur (thighbone) that had been broken and then healed. Mead explained that in the animal kingdom, if you break your leg, you die. You cannot run from danger, get to the river for a drink or hunt for food. You are meat for prowling beasts. No animal survives a broken leg long enough for the bone to heal.
'A broken femur that has healed is evidence that someone has taken time to stay with the one who fell, has bound up the wound, has carried the person to safety and has tended the person through recovery. Helping someone else through difficulty is where civilization starts', Mead said.
We are at our best when we serve others. Be civilized."
- Ira Byock, The Best Care Possible: A Physician’s Quest to Transform Care Through the End of Life (Avery, 2012)]

Omar Amer
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Just finished watching Lynn + Lucy.  Crazy Film.  Not certain I would attempt it again.   It was however, pretty insane.  Some recently watched films include:


  • lynn lucy
  • killer racoons 2 - christmas in outer space
  • wrong cops (1st screening years ago at release).
  • 2001 a space travesty
  • bad education 2020
  • before sunrise 1995
  • dark city
  • green rush 2020
  • guest artist 2020
  • lake michigan monster 2020
  • last moment of clarity 2020
  • one million years bc
  • open 24 hours
  • solar impact, the destruction of london
  • survive the night
  • the discarded
  • the flesh and the fiendsd
  • the half of it
  • the hustle
  • the other lamb
  • the peanut butter falcon
  • the rental
  • the sasquatch gang
  • the war of the worlds
  • unbound
  • volition
  • what we found
  • wing man
  • zombie ass toilet of the dead
  • lucky grandma
  • elvis from outer space
  • hit and run


and now its time to segue back into foreign cinema, thats quite enough pop culture analysis for the present moment.  :-)  or more aptly, recent moments.

Omar Amer
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In Under 100 years we go from W.C. Fields "Man on The Flying Trapeze" to Megan Fox in "Rogue".  Granted Apples are not oranges, however I find arguable little cinema about.   although recently , i did see a spoof film that had me rolling in stitches, it was dumb - but it was also funny. 


"killer raccoons 2 - Christmas story - raccoons from outer space "  or something along those lines.

if the plot synopsis has anything to do with a top secret racoon run military satellite laser guided raygun weapon, that is the correct film.  It is hilarious. 

Omar Amer
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Use common sense.



product is still on the shelves.  ugh.  perhaps it was fixed.




baby monitor thats been hacked.   read the file for more info.  this company that does this is called an ethical hacker, they test stuff look for problems and approach the companies in private with their discoveries.  




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I'll try anything once.

Omar Amer
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I invented this in 2007...  I knew I would not get credit for it, but it was one of those ideas that you have draw out on paper, lay around in bed with, prototype, etc - , talk to people about and just hope it happens because it happening would be much better than it not happening. 

Well, it happened.  Yay!


Johnnie Walker Maker Creates Plastic-Free Paper-Based Spirits Bottle (theguardian.com) 33

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Guardian: The multinational drinks company Diageo says it has created the world's first paper-based spirits bottle that is 100% plastic-free. The company said it was aiming to launch the bottle early next year with its Johnnie Walker whisky brand in one market before rolling it out worldwide. The bottle is made from sustainably sourced pulp, complies with international food and drink safety standards and is fully recyclable. The contents are protected by a liner, made of resin rather than plastic, which holds the liquid but disintegrates when finished. The cap will be made of aluminum. The report notes that a paper beer bottle was unveiled last year by Danish brewer Carlsberg.
Omar Amer
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dude.   chocolate chip cookies plus tart red cherries. one half cookie to several cherries.    GOOD COMBINATION.  try it

Omar Amer
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hey yall !  use the site :)  when your ready of course.  hope you are all well.

Omar Amer
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